sausage McMuffin

Starts with an English muffin. I don't have any of those around here so the dough for one is whipped up in a cereal bowl.

I want to use about 1/4 cup four. So that would be about 1/8 cup milk. Plus yeast and sugar and salt and olive oil. Flour by the teaspoon stirred vigorously to develop gluten then additional flour for dough that can be handled without sticking. It's rolled around, roughed up, formed into a boulle and flattened in a pan and covered.

The burner is turned to hot without the pan on so the pan will heat quickly then down to toasting heat low enough for the bread to rise in the pan. I use a lid and steam by the tablespoon to ensure the inside of the bread is cooked. It's like a fat pancake and cooks more delicately than grocery store brands. 

I looked out and thought, now that's lovely. It looks a bit like Italy somehow.

This is the morning. 

And this is the evening.

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