apple pie with Asiago and fig, triple sec ice cream

I don't know what came over me. Chunks of cheese inside an apple pie.

The thing is, I made chicken soup and dropped a dozen small cubes of cheese inside the bowl when it was done heated and the way the chunks melt in the liquid soup in molten globs while remaining chewy and satisfying and it is a bit weird and I like it a lot. With more cheese almost burned on top. Now the same thing with apple pie and it sure turned out good.

But I only have one apple and I thought I had three. 

That changes things but does not ruin the plan. I used a small pie dish and spread homemade fig jam, the same goo used successfully for Fig Newtons earlier. It is very good preserves or whatever. Boiled fig paste. 

Light buttery dough made with vodka instead of water so that it evaporates without flavor, fig paste spread, sweet apple pieces with Asiago cheese chunks and homemade triple sec ice cream. Very nice. 

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