Fix Torchy's guacamole

There is nothing wrong with Torchy's guacamole. Eleven + ounces of pure avocado with scant flavor additions. It's a very good price too considering there are two avocados by weight. It's a very good deal.

But it does need help. 

I don't know how plain avocado became a thing. Apparently this is what people believe guacamole to be. Nearly pure avocado pureed but with lumps retained as if smoothed by squeezing between fingers. 

These are the elements for pico de gallo. 

So then the true nature of guacamole is really pico de gallo with generous avocado, say, 50/50.

Cumin is required but rarely tasted in other people's guacamole. And it's why I get asked to make this stuff for nearly every party the last three decades. <-- possible exaggeration, but I'm making a point over here, okay? 

At Torchy's I told the takeout register clerk, a young Latina, my intention of fixing their guacamole to my preferences. After listening agreeably she said, "Yeah, I like tomato in guacamole too." 

The young and rather massive Latino working the regular register overheard our conversation and moved over to add, "You can buy both regular pico de gallo and guacamole here and mix them to get the same thing." He does that. We three agreed that's the best way to go.

How smart.

These tomatoes are brighter than the other tomatoes available right now. They have good and bright and assertive tomato flavor. And I just now realized when I bought these tomatoes for this that I should have picked up cilantro as well. 

Oh man, total fail.

Kidding. This combination is the best guacamole that I've had in a very long time. That it's so easy now with two Torchy purchases plus cumin and cilantro leaves is a wonderful thing. And you'll get a bag of chips with both orders if the order for two salsas goes right. That might have to be managed. 

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