heterodox pizza

In any discussion about pizza involving more than two people, totally unprovoked, someone must aver flatly and by apparent compulsion that pineapple is unacceptable on pizza, as natural law, without any supporting reasoning beyond it's simply not done. Not ever. Not ever among sensible people.

Too bad. 

Here is an excellent out of canon pizza made with those myopic and limited taste having dopes in mind. Not Italian, not necessarily Hawaiian, not Mexican either. But who cares? Who made any of those guys boss of us anyway? 

The dough is started the night before with scant 1/4 teaspoon yeast to proof overnight. Formed carelessly into a haphazard shaggy dough. Barely mixed. Time does the kneading. 

1 + 1/4 cup water, 2 cups flour + 1/2 cup semolina for strengthened body. 


Excellent cheddar. Monterey Jack all the eh. And honestly, I don't know how mozzarella won the pizza war. It's not that interesting so far as cheese goes. However it does melt very well. ↓

Completed mise en place.  ↓
That means all the ingredients are ready and waiting. 

Now pressed and stretched in corn meal both top and bottom for additional texture.  ↓

Tony's apple cured ham. It's very good, somewhat exclusive and expensive. Maybe pizza isn't its best use. 

Mild and unchallenging and uninteresting Monterey Jack cheese and mozzarella. ↓

Mushrooms and onions are oiled. ↓

Jalapeño.  ↓
Mexican cooks understand that jalapeño is unripened fruit and so best cooked.

Pineapple and very strong outstanding crumbly cheddar cheese. ↓

The little grape tomatoes have the most flavor of all other tomatoes available right now. Later this sad situation will change.

unbaked  ↑
baked  ↓

You don't have to die for heavenly pizza.

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