pork country ribs and white beans

A little bit of brown sugar and these strongly flavored fresh grape tomatoes together have a similar agridulce effect that bbq sauce has. Minus the mess of eating ribs baked with in bbq sauce. The cheese is incredibly strongly flavored cheddar that honestly vies with Parmigiano Reggiano for its own standard of excellence. 

The meat is pork country style ribs. Their bones contribute significant body. The whole thing, meat, bones, dry beans all started at once and cooked in water with spices and garlic cloves, bay and the like, until the beans are softened and the meat falls from the bones. 

Acid is held off until the beans are fully cooked. Acidic pH prevents the surface of beans from softening fully. Unless they're baked overnight. There is acid in brown sugar and in molasses and tomato. So those things are better added at the end.  Fresh tomato is very nice switch out for cooked tomato paste and tomato sauce.

I cannot say enough about this cheddar cheese. Expensive, yes, but it's not used as slices for sandwiches. I've always seen offered mild, sharp, very sharp, but this cheddar is explosively powerful without being sharp. It's the strangest thing and most impressive.  I'm using the cheese as flavoring similar to hard Italian parmesan so a block of it goes a long way. If it were used for a sandwich then a cheddar sauce would be the way go with this cheese. Not to be cheap about it, rather, to prevent having your mouth blown off your face from intense cheese flavor. In moderation it's a very nice addition. To everything.

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