pozole to flavored hominy grits with cheese

Polenta, if you like.

Southern grits are made with corn kernels soaked in an alkali solution, a process called nixtamalization received from Native Central Americans. Notice the root word tamali in there.

Whereas Polenta is the same idea but from Europe that uses ordinary corn kernels that are not treated, originally the heirloom type Bantam 8 rows, a type that is not at all cost efficient to produce although still regarded by enthusiasts as the best tasting polenta.

Here is a lengthy description on Huffington Post about how to cook the best Southern grits. It's pure nonsense relying on authority and indicating the writer does not know from experience what they are talking about. The article is overcomplicated ridiculously. For a cynical laugh but for no useful information.

This is breakfast. And I must say it is delicious. And it's delicious whatever you do. Even if you use dried beans instead of corn. Even if you cook it in three minutes by microwave as I have.

Cayenne, salt, pepper and butter.

This is 1 part pozole kernels to 3 parts water. 

Stirred three times in 30 second increments. Stirring is crucial as the weight of the kernels sinks and clumps separately.

It is too dense for my preference today so 2 parts more water is added and returned to the microwave for an additional minute.

Two types of cheese. An incredibly strong cheddar and a lighter white cheese.

The first time our family was served Southern style grits at a diner all five us kids were all, what, what, WHAT?  We had no idea what to do with it. Salt, pepper and butter hardly helped it at all. We failed to form an affinity for grits the entire three years in Shreveport. 

And now I adore it enhanced this way. 

Sometimes I make it from popcorn kernels. Sometimes cooked on the stovetop. Sometimes with shrimp or some other protein. Whatever I do, grits/polenta are always great. 

My nephew said, "What? I had grits last night? No way. I don't eat no grits." Even after virtually inhaling a bowl of heavily seasoned grits with shrimp his prejudice against them still held. Because he didn't recognize them as grits. 

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