fried chicken, Charcoal restaurant

I did not make this. 

Ordered fried chicken because restaurants do better with this than I can do at home.

Charcoal restaurant is a few blocks from my apartment. I walked there. They've done a fine job of redesigning a one-time garage later turned into an art gallery. Their menu is crab cakes and oysters and flank steak, interesting salads and exotic desserts. They pair wine with each item. Cost is medium high. 

So I was surprised that my meal was only $10.00 even though there is not very much on the plate. 

And then further surprised when they comped the meal for completing a survey designed mostly for training their staff. Yes, this meal was free. 

Except 80¢ tax. 

And $5.00 tip. 

What the heck. 

The day I was there the staff were all tall thin young men. Friendly and helpful and engaging as can be. Explaining the free dinner for the survey the waiter threw me off by saying, "... as retribution for completing the survey."  

Is that adorable, or what?  

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