fried chicken sliders, house salad, Stoney's Bar & Grill

Stoney's... Denver... It's not what you might be thinking. 

The place was packed. All young people. I sat at the bar, people engaged me in friendly fashion. 

One young man asked me, "What makes you different?" 

His idiosyncratic icebreaker. 

I demurred. On account of being so normal. 

I honestly did not know how to answer. 

People were gathered outside as shown on their website, people were gathered inside engaged in a trivia game. Others meandered the other half of the place in conversation, watching sports on t.v. and reading their phones. It is a gathering place of mostly millennials. Equally male and female, all terribly well behaved. They spoke mostly about work.

I must say I was surprised at the quantity of food. I would have brought home three fourths of it but I brought only one storage container. It is the best salad I've had in awhile. I love it when salads are done well. 

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