Yukon Gold French fries

These versatile Yukon potatoes are a waxy type and great for everything but not suitable for French fries. These French fries are not crispy even though they were cooked by the double cook technique. These were boiled first until done and then deep fried to dehydrate. Except they never do dehydrate. On account of their waxy interior. 

Too bad because they are delicious. The catsup is flavored with chile and the yellow daub is wild honey.

Limp and delicious. And who doesn't like that? Everyone! 

Double fail because that double cook method is a pain in the butt. 

And great crispy French fries are available downstairs a few doors away. 

Burger Fi serves a huge pile of excellent crisp French fries for $3.59 a pile. Large enough for two people. Such a pig to eat the whole pile. Which I do.  I'd say, two potatoes worth of French Fries.

These potatoes were $.69 a pound. I think. 

Burger Fi $3.49 vs. Pain in the butt DIY $.69

It's at least $5.00 of trouble and possibly $10.00 of trouble considering the oil and pots and cleaning and shopping. Plus my whole place smells like a fast food restaurant just for this one potato. Forget about it. 

I do this because I'm insane. 

Not recommended.


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