Mexican style salad

Mexican style shrimp cocktail, actually, but people don't seem to like that idea very much so I chopped the ingredients more crudely and called it salad. I don't know, maybe people are put off by the familiar 60's era American style shrimp cocktail that has half a dozen shrimp arranged around the rim of a Sundae glass filled with catsup and horseradish, the red menace. I do know. This combination is delicious with interchangeable ingredients to suit one's own wishes.

This time the salad doesn't have avocado, because I want to have this around a few days, and it doesn't have cilantro because I forgot to buy that. I also left out horseradish.

Shrimp was soaked in brine for fifteen minutes to plump them.

The water in the pan shown above was brought to a boil. Then the heat cut off and the shrimp added. So the shrimp never actually boiled. They sat in the hot water for four and a half minutes. Then transferred to ice water to chill them.

I cannot keep off this stuff so this time I made half a batch. I can eat it continuously and nothing else until it is gone. And that's probably not a great idea.

No worries. I love it so much I'll be at it again soon enough. 

This can be eaten as taco, with or without something else, like chicken and like lettuce. It can be rolled into an omelet. It can be spooned over fish as a sauce. I can add pineapple since I have so much of that on hand. Or mango, or apple, whatever. Even watermelon would be great. Off the top of my head I can think of a million combination possibilities. 

Maybe twenty possibilities, but you get my point. 

Fine! Ten possibilities. 

The thing is, if I have it around I love it so much that it cannot last long enough for those possibilities to happen because I'll have already eaten it to the last molecule then lick the bowl. Like a maniac.

Major win.

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