Andouille is used in Louisiana, it is a spicy pork sausage. This is ordinary unexciting run of the mill bratwurst so it is jazzed up considerably to compensate for its shortcomings. 

Gumbo VS jambalaya

They're both thick stews that include ham, andouille sausage, and usually crawfish. The vegetables often include okra. Gumbo served over rice, Jambalaya cooked with rice. 

Filé is a spice made from sassafras leaves that imparts an earthy wooden flavor. This is very hot with a variety of chiles including habanero.


Calypso Facto said...


virgil xenophon said...

You made a brown jambalaya w. seafood? Usually it's traditional to do a red one for seafood & sausage and a brown one for sausage & chicken, etc., n'cest-ce pas? Gonna have to jerk your Louisiana Chefs union-card.. :)

Chip Ahoy said...

They should jerk my card. I didn't even use a roux.

The color comes from the spices I chose to jazz up the sausage. It took a lot. See? My card would be jerked for doing this without andouille. Andouillelessly, bang! give us your card, punch, punch, punch *holes all over card*

Lem said...

In the Dominican we call that Asopao. Some others call it Chambre. I think it depends on how much rice is in it.

Less rice, no beans = Asopao

Beans with more rice = Chambre.

Lem said...

Since you didn't use beans I would have to say it's an Asopao.

Chip Ahoy said...

Eso es interesante. I intended to include leftover chile con carne e frijoles for complexity but forgot. ¡It has a name!

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