BLT on Maui sourdough bread

Maui sponge made Friday, brought to full development, held in cold storage Saturday and Sunday, so three days fermentation. It collapsed following full activity. At this point unsalted. The sponge rim is cut off and put into a jar with additional fresh water to dilute it and fresh flour to feed it doubling its size in the jar. It is left to continue proofing and becomes the starter for the next batch.

The remaining bulk of the sponge is stretched cold and folded with salt additions between folds. 

The Maui culture bakes particularly crusty. It is the most thick crusted of all the sourdough cultures. Flavor concentrates in the crust.

Philadelphia cream cheese.

These open face sandwiches (not sandwiched by definition) are chewy. Strong jaws and good teeth are required to enjoy them. If your mouth is frail then better to stick with softer less challenging and less interesting, less full flavored sandwiches. 

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