Denver Sourdough bread

Slurry of flour and water set outside for 25 hours

Slurry with additional water/flour set at a 100W lamp for 24 hours. Disappointingly risen only from the level of the rubber band. There were insufficient organisms collected.

Fed fresh water/flour to thick consistency to the level of the rubber band, provided heat for additional 24 hours. This is the longest sponge has ever required heat, but it shows that the organisms are present, alive, and active.

At room temperature for three days growth and fermentation. Sponge has never been left this long at room temperature. The culture is very slow. The concave shape indicates it maxed out and fell back.

The sponge was dumped onto the flowered work surface. It took up additional flour sufficient to form a loaf. Provided heat while the oven heated to maximum temperature, about 20 minutes. The redistributed yeast culture along with heat from a lamp responded rapidly. 

Baked at high temperature within a clay cloche made for baton shapes

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