Frittata is an Italian-style omelet. Usually spinach, cheese, bacon and such. Often with mushrooms

This frittata is Mexican with Mexican ingredients, a nice big fresh sausage chorizo, increased heat with fresh serrano chile, avocado and tomato, but no Mexican spices, only the herb cilantro

It is the sort of thing we'd make for ski weekends because a large frittata can feed 10 guys breakfast in one go. They were often made thinned down with milk and with some kind of cream soup in a tin, usually mushroom, for additional flavor. Frankly, we didn't know what we were doing but we did it anyway and they always turned out. Those were baked in a large casserole until the eggs set, about a dozen at a time.

The real deal uses stove top heat to cook the bottom of the beaten egg in a pan, and broiler heat to set the top and to melt the cheese such as a toaster oven or a chef's kitchen salamander. The trick, if there is a trick, would be to avoid overcooking the egg. The whole thing goes very quickly this way. It puffs up somewhat as a soufflé.

There are two types of cheese here, Asiago and blu cut in chunks as you see rather than grated. That is to create little pools of melted cheese. 

Sometimes pan frittatas are overturned onto a plate, sometimes overturned again to be right side up but I did not do that. This was loosened from the pan and slid onto a plate.

This is a small pan, 7 inches I believe, but a large frittata, a full dinner with one whole avocado and one whole tomato, half a white onion, and one big fat sausage removed from its casing. 

Tomatoes can go inside, of course, but I like them raw. Tomato with egg is a favorite South American thing. Tomato, onion and hot green chile pepper is salsa cruda except this time larger chunks, This is the same thing as avocado salsa cruda inside an egg omelet with Mexican type sausage chorizo, without Mexican spices cumin and coriander, although cilantro is the leafy portion of of the plant that produces coriander seed. (In Britain they are both coriander)

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