salmon, broccolini, cream herb sauce, avocado/tomato

Sauce for both broccolini and salmon is 1/2 juicy lime into 1/4 C sour cream. with very generous fresh herbs; mint, parsley, basil. The bright acidity of the lime and sour crem cuts through the oily fish and enlivens the vegetable as well. Roasted pecans add interesting texture and flavor.

This plate would cost you a small fortune in a restaurant and you'd be lucky to have it cooked so expertly. That is why I am not put off with its cost. I would proudly serve this to anyone. Anyone who knows what seafood is about, and that excludes half native Coloradoans, so I've learned to my tremendous distress. And the reason for that is due to the fact that they never had seafood like this.

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