poached eggs on homemade whole wheat bread, spinach and tomato

My own bread made the usual way overnight, low yeast, no knead. Honestly, I cannot find anything better to buy. 

Parmigiano Reggiano, the real deal. There is a world of difference between imported and domestic brands that has to do with time and care and cost of production.

Tomatoes from Tony's Market. They have some deal with farmers. Garden tomatoes that taste as tomatoes should.

This meal is so simple and delicious I can hardly stand it. There is a breakfast restaurant a few blocks away called Dozens. They've been in business decades now. I've been there many times with friends and if they served anything close to good as this then I would go there more often. But they don't. They do not hold a candle to what I can do myself. I am amazed they are still around. There is evident passion evident. 

Why doesn't image search for [dozens denver]  fill the whole page? And go on and on and on, as it should? Because nobody bothered to photograph, that's why, not even themselves. Wouldn't you want your images out there as a matter of attracting business? 

Conversely, image search ["thingswotImadethenate"] shows what I mean. Not all of the photos are mine but most of them are, and the rest link back to me. And I am just a regular bloke, not a business to mind. 

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