cheese breadstick fail

Flour with enough baking powder to lift the flour and the cheese.

This would be where I went wrong. If you were doing some kind of forensic inquiry. One of the places. 

Picture it; standing there with an array of spices and flavors in front of me and knowing flour to be pure thud dullness it's easy to go overboard even though I know habanero powder is the most fierce substance on earth. I've made this mistake before. That and other chile, garlic and onion powder. I could have kept going but I stopped, loading it up with even more intensities, broadening its flavor profile all over the place. At at moment I was really holding back quite a lot and by my calculation not overdoing things at all. But my effort ruined it. Insufficient restraint.

Too hot. They'll kill you. I'm nibbling them anyway like a suicidal mouse. They could be used chopped into croutons to spice up a potato and leek soup, a cauliflower soup, a butternut squash soup, what have you, something bland it could kick right up to a new dangerous uncomfortable level but for limited appreciation. 

Baking powder is not a great idea. The ones in the restaurant were lighter and airier than regular crackers.

Status: Fail.

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