Colorado peach, toast with cinnamon sugar and butter

I'll think of several things to do with peaches, and have done with peaches, and it turns out nothing I think of is good as plain juicy peach at their peak. And Boy, is this peach ever ripe. Another day on the counter and it'd ferment.

Nothing that I do will improve it. No pie crust, no torte, no peach turnover, no puff pastry, no sauce, no ice cream, no paleta nor popsicle, no cobbler, no smoothie, no cake, nor cupcake, no drink, dessert, salad, or anything. Trying to improve on a simple fully ripe peach is futile. So here goes.

We used to mix cinnamon with sugar and sprinkle it on buttered toast when we were children, then we'd dip corners of dusted toast into hot chocolate until enough bread corners fall off and enough additional sugar and cinnamon becomes incorporated that the hot chocolate transforms into a cup of something different, something akin to liquid bread pudding.

Is it an improvement? No.

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