roast beef sandwich

Today at the deli the small slices of roasted flank steak were significantly more expensive than this impressively beautiful roasted beef. What used to be a cheaper cut, flavorful but tough, is now more expensive due to demand, I suppose. It's become hip. And there goes another favorite secret thing.

Those guys at the specialty store crack me up. You could take them for arrogant, and haughty, I can see that, but I find that is not the case personally. All of them are trained in pleasantness or else they all just like to have fun. One pushed the other out of the way taking control of the register after the first invited me forward to it. I told the two I intended to eat this roast beef right out of the bag like an animal and left my statement hang as just that. There is no naturally occurring response. The Australian guy held up a head of lettuce when he got to it and asked if I was going to eat that like an animal too. Ha! Found a rejoinder. I said, sure, like a bunny nibbling the edges. The switch from careless carnivore to demure herbivore and the visual imagery had them laughing like two cheerful loons.

See, they're all foodies.

I told them, speaking of nibbling, I landed on the perfect approach for cheese breadsticks that are so light they melt in your mouth to cheese powder. I'm surprised I haven't gained 20 LBS. The two taunted me to prove it. And I'm all, "It's on! Like Donkey Kong." 

So I'll take them. They'll be so impressed, and I mean it,  they'll give me a discount on top of the regular discount. It happened before with Denver sourdough. Because it's such an unusual thing for a customer to do. That is, prove it and strike a relationship like that. 

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