"Toasted" in Spanish, "ado" is past participle and so is "ido." You'd think it'd be "tostado" but it's a tortilla that is toasted and tortilla is feminine and past participles agree with the verb while they can also be used as adjectives, so "ada" it is for agreement, and all that excluding the regular suspected irregulars. You notice the irregulars are always the most common verbs. You'd think they'd be uncommon irregular verbs, on account of their name, rare verbs, but they're not, they're common. So common that people are tired of following the rules with them, it's too much trouble so they elide the verb-construction rules with them, they're used all the time so they're slurred and smashed together evading full pronunciation skipping complete enunciation and compressing them to smithereens. They can also be used with "ser" for passive voice and with "por ser" for the passive doer, the agent not responsible for the action that just sort of occurred, the person present when something happened. 

None of this matters much I cannot eat it all anyway. It's been like that. I wait until I'm properly starved and fully motivated to act then eat only half of whatever I scrounge. More when I force the issue. Tonight I forced it to three fourths.

That's okay. I still have cheese breadsticks. The third successful batch. Rolled out like long pencils they bake to puffed up felt-tipped size caliber and a lot longer. I'm getting good at rolling these quickly. 

I start with 3/4 cup hot water. That determines everything else. Double that amount of flour, at least, 1+1/2 cup closer to 2 cups for stiff dough. Plus oil, plus cheese. I keep forgetting I have bacon grease. That would work too. My dough was insufficiently stiff so each bit of dough cut off with a tablespoon is dropped into flour to coat it on one side, that rolled absurdly quickly into a very thin snake shape, the new flour incorporated into snake by vigorous rolling and spreading to compensate for it being too wet. They're whipped out in seconds. All that makes three of these trays, nearly 30 individual cheese-sticks the length of the pan. The lightest most delicious and delightful batons in the world.

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