Thai salad with flank

I did not make this. I noticed a sign on the sidewalk half a block from my home so I went in to check out the place.

This was a ratty motel. Total flea bag. Their garbage in alley was always the worst. Always picked through by bums, the lid would be left up and residents above would drop their trash directly from their windows. They often made it into the bin. The whole area was always disgusting. Incidentally, I noticed today a high-end commercial carpet cleaner. It appeared whole but probably didn't work. I pointed it out. I paid $600 for mine through Craigslist and it is a very solid cleaner. Then I notice sitting inside Taste of Philly across the street that the sign on the wall was repainted from MOTEL to LOTEM, I laughed and told the clerk that was wise business decision because the name is hardly so relevant as saving as much cash as possible and using whatever asset is there to best advantage. This way they won't have to waste the larger street sign that is already there. They can refurbish it and put it to use rearranged.

The clerk laughed and said, "I know!" 

All the junk is ripped out now and everything looks super nice. Flower beds kept up. All floors refurbished. The place filled with businesses. The lot always full. The bums dispersed. This tiny shop tucked into the back offers these homemade arrangements stacked in two refrigerators. That's all. A single wooden table for transactions. The place is operated by a beautiful woman who is gracious as can be. As everything must be fresh and sales uncertain, the offering somewhat meager, the enterprise looks at first glance exceedingly vulnerable. This was $12.00 and very good tasting. 

They're marketing for gluten-free and vegetarian but I don't care about any of that. They also have prepared burritos and a few other things. 

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brio said...

The first time I went to Denver, in 2008 for a conference, I instantly fell in love with the city. We stayed at a Hyatt near the convention center. After the 3-day conference, I decided to stay an extra week to get to know the city. I have been on a tight budget my entire life--no true marketable skills I guess. I didn't know the city and didn't have a car. I found the Broadway Plaza on a map and the rates were cheap. I walked there and asked about rates, vacancy, etc. But big mistake--I didn't ask to see a room. When I checked out of the Hyatt, I took a taxi to the motel. I paid for a week in advance and went up the room. It looked clean, but the carpet had several places where the carpet bulged up about 6 inches for a few feet long. My first thoughts were wondering what was living in those bulges. How could they even vacuum around those lumps? The restroom looked clean, but I just felt uneasy. I went down and asked for a refund. The clerk tried to keep a portion of my payment, even though I was only the room for no more than 5 minutes. But I would have none of it. We argued until I got a full refund. I went across the street and called a taxi to take me to the Ramada on Colfax which I had seen on one of my long walks around Denver. At $99 a night, it was above my budget, but I was a walk-in with no reservations. The Ramada looks nicer outside than inside, but it has been my go-to place for about 4 trips back to Denver--at a more reasonable, negotiated $60-70 a night. I wish I could afford to move to Denver, but I am convinced that people who are my competition for cheap housing are all moving to Denver for the pot--something I no interest in. I hadn't thought about the shivers I got from the Broadway Plaza until I read your post.

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