Linguica sausage and bun, mustard and pickle relish

They're hot. Too hot. You wouldn't like them. Advertised as heavy with paprika, heavy on flavor, but not so heavy on heat. That is wrong. They are heavy on heat.

The butcher has only the usual things, bratwurst and Italian sausages in various degrees of hotness, and this. I asked the young butcher if Linguica indicated the sausage has tongue in it. He stopped and looked at me sternly, miffed it seemed, perplexed, finally he said, "I thought that same thing at first, but no. It does not have tongue in it. In ten years you are the first person to put that together as I did back then. I've been sort of waiting for someone else who thinks that way." Then he told me about the paprika and how the butchers like the sausage there even if most people don't. Sold.

Because if it did have tongue in it I'd go, "Ew, gross!" 

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