bacon, jalapeño and cheese cornbread from popcorn.


Mum cut bacon to fit them in the pan. It works a lot better for moving them around to cook all their edges, but when I was very young I wanted the bacon to be long like a wand. Her cutting the entire package in half all at once ruined the whole thing. 

If only I could ever have long bacon. The whole slice uncut. I'd have an edible bacon wand. I'd wave it all around and nibble the end of it. And they come that way. And she ruins them. She holds all that power over the magical bacon wands in her hands and she just breaks them. It's like breaking spaghetti in half to make it manageable. You don't do that. It robs the spaghetti magic. So too cutting bacon in half ruins the magic of bacon wands. 

Dry ingredients include popcorn milled to powder as before using the coffee mill, and oatmeal replacing half of the wheat flour. So, three grains right there. 

Wet ingredients include sour cream because I ran out of buttermilk. It also includes generous milk anticipating the grains absorbing twice their bulk in liquid, and a lot of butter.

Gone just like that. These were proclaimed awesome.

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