cornbread from popcorn

Why do this? Because it is best cornbread in all the land. Because it blows the minds of world travelers. Because flavor-wise this method takes cornbread as you may know it in cornbread's senescence, back to cornbread's youth, back to when cornbread was born.

Can we talk?

This stuff works fine. ↑

This stuff is much better. ↓ You mill it freshly at home and it's used the moment you mill it.

Here is the second game changing trick. 

Recipes will tell you to use half all purpose flour but you don' have to do that. This milled popcorn is so light that you can go full corn for full corn flavor. It will not be too heavy with corn. It will be lighter than your usual cornbread.

This time oatmeal is processed to powder the same way as the popcorn.   

This is 1/2 milled popcorn, 1/4 milled oatmeal, 1/4 flour.

Dry ingredients:
popcorn milled in coffee bean grinder
oatmeal milled in coffee bean grinder
all purpose flour
baking soda to counteract with buttermilk
baking powder in case you blow it with the baking soda/buttermilk combo

Wet ingredients:
melted butter

I must now sample this.


This cornbread is brighter than any other cornbread that I've eaten. It is sweet and light and crunchy. This is not dense and dry.  I would not recommend this for people with dentures. Tiny bits of toasted corn particles tend to float around. 

I recommend milling popcorn. And I recommend substituting any grain and any dry bean for part of the flour. It's all good.

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