Burger Fi and people on Broadway at 12th north, Denver

I used to have a shirt exactly like this. Gave it to Goodwill. Hey!

From where I sat.

Aaah, aaah ... 


I learned the Nikor 60mm macro is too slow for this. (micro in Nikon lingo, they dare to be different. Or perhaps simply annoying) 

I finally realized the critical meaning of "fast"in photographers' argot regarding lenses, not film or sensor.  By needing speed from the lens and not having it. The automatic focus in this lens is too indecisive, it tends to go back and forth as we do manually and that does not work when people are moving by, especially on bike. The much smaller, much faster 50mm must do. They are both fixed focal length. The 50mm is a fine lens too. It locks in a focus like bang. Plus it has wider framing. Plus it is lighter. Plus it has very nice bokeh. Plus it is less expensive. It is not macro like this one, it has a wider outer lens and a shorter stack of lenses inside the barrel, a shorter lighter barrel. 

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Anonymous said...

Oh what fun! Bo's at it again. Unsuspecting city-goers are participant's in Bo's afternoon adventure.

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