Roast beef sandwich, bread from the moons of Jupiter

This is a multi-grain bread so heavy with non-gluten material that it hardly works with yeast leaven. The proportion of oatmeal and amaranth is greater than reasonable for this type of thing. The dough also has a lot of egg and a lot of butter and those things interfere with gluten development. The crumb is dense and tight and light and dry. There was no second rise. The tight crumb is like synthetic sponge.

Instructions were received by radio signal across a mini wireless speaker. It plugs in and switches to battery when needed and its bluetooth turned on itself. 

You're not going to find bread like this anywhere, I don't think, if you want some you'll just have have to make it per instructions from moons around jupiter. 

Plus, and this ain't nuth'n to sneeze at ...

... you'll show you know how to put out an acceptable Jovian tea.

Yellow mustard in a gigantic garish harsh yellow plastic squeeze container. The sort of thing you avoid because it's so common. It says French's but it is American as all hell broken loose. I squeezed some on my finger and taste it and the flavor is spectacular. A bit vinegar-y, but a very nice and light vinegar. And I thought, wow, this stuff should be famous. Oh. Wait. It is. 

Roast beef from the deli. It's very good roast beef. Rather expensive. I like tearing into it as an animal. It's cooked perfectly. But honestly, it has hardly no flavor at all. It does need a lot of help. And I mean a lot. It is the help that makes this sandwich, not the low-flavor roast beef.

I was considering horseradish but the mustard comes very close to that and it's in the same family.

Horseradish (Armoracia rusticana, syn. Cochlearia armoracia) is a perennial plant of the Brassicaceae family (which also includes mustard, wasabi, broccoli, and cabbage). 

Kaboom. Anchovies right there. Tamarind. Now who would think of that? Someone who spent time in Asia and who loves food and pursues their interest where it takes them over there. 

Bread and butter pickles, and honestly, after all that these crazy things make this sandwich. The Worcestershire is spread on the bread to soak in, not on the meat where it rolls off. 

Sometimes I don't know if the thing really is this outstanding or if the pleasure I have eating this is due to being so starved all the time. My body was so happy to have food it was shaking. Then had to wait to continue. Often, even so, it happens I cannot finish the whole thing but this time I kept wishing there is more. 

And there is!

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