egg and jalapeño wrapped cornbread with bacon and cheese, more bacon, potato and tomato

This is what we're having at the chef's table when everyone's gone home and everything's cleaned up.

It's amazing. The sweetness and heat and corn are impressively well balanced. You should put this right here on the menu.

No way, José .

Why not?

It'd never sell.

The little potato is already cooked when it's fried in the fat from the bacon. 

Moist cornbread with bacon and cheese is reheated briefly. 

Pan shaken.

Crumbled and warmed moist cornbread with bacon and cheese is spread across the center of the egg.

Mexican style omelet is rolled out of the pan.

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Calypso Facto said...

I'd buy that. Well, I would if I lived 500 miles closer.

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