fruit, nuts, and oatmeal loosely holding it together.

"Breakfast is ready."

Oh dear almost out. Man oh man, that sure went fast. It must be our new favorite thing.

"We're having usual oatmeal with additions." 

"That again?" 

"What do I look like to you ..." 

... a Roman foot soldier traipsing across Europe?

"Fine then ...

... we're having cookies instead.  We're having exotic berries imported from eastern U.S. of America with fruit imported from South America and pecans brought up from U.S. of American South ...

... and cookies prepared from peanuts also from the U.S. of American South and groats originally from Scotland. Cookies in liquid form. We're having all that instead."

"Good. Because that's entirely different from regular oatmeal with additions. And it sounds a lot better." 

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