cheeseburger patty, beans with pork, tomato, pickles

This is a saucer of food.

I did not photograph the two hamburgers for lunch, I was too busy, my guest was right there, and the lunch was a ruse anyway. It could have been pizza but the place I have in mind doesn't deliver until 15 minutes after I need it. Too bad. 

My guest, Mr. Meyer, said that he liked his hamburger. Better than I like mine. It's okay but not great. Same as shown yesterday except with tomato and pickle and the plate has watermelon chunks and apple. It was an attractive lunch. With chocolate banana malted milkshake. He liked that too. As much as I do. So polite. It went very well. 

And I imagined he'd want to eat and book but instead he said that he finds the whole place pleasant and airy. He opened the door and let the cool breeze in. He said he could just sit there an hour. 

What a bummer. I pooped out before I could vacuum up the mess out there. I never got to it. The whole terrace is a mess. But he liked being out there.

The whole thing was meant to be no more than 20 minutes so that I could usher him downstairs to first level where Co-Brew is located directly below my apartment. I thought about this for a long time. The whole thing could backfire. I realize not everyone can enjoy this. 

But I did not know Meyer did this before once in college. It is a favorite memory that recalls good times of youthful adventure. A mess in the dorm and threatened him passing the quarter. Turns out the more he learned as he toured the more the idea appealed to him.  

He selects the ingredients for the type ale he wants to produce (he already knows he wants pale ale) They use 30LBS of grain and all real ingredients, no extracts, and produce any type you want with any ingredients you like. So he's setting up his appointment for after the beer festival rush. In the end he takes home 10 gallons of ale in their own large bottles, his own label and cap. It turned out a neat gift. It turned out appreciated. I'm happy with his reaction to this. He's all in. 

Having the whole thing automatic appealed to him greatly. It's seems more scientific than artisan. The store stocks everything a home-brewer can need while also offering these in-house brewing lessons. This is education cost, not ale cost. The resulting 4 cases of ale side benefit to the education of brewing. But in this case that's reversed. He doesn't need the education. It's the fun of it being automatic and producing his own thing. 

Their website could be better. Their pamphlets are better than their website. Here is their brew tab with salient information.  The rest of the tabs are; the store; ideas, drink, events, recipes is another interesting tab

They're cool. The gift certificate is transferrable in case it doesn't work out. The recipient can invite their friends to join them if they like. The project can be expanded to double. They can accommodate up to 40 people per project. Plus you can buy supplies there, ordinary things like funnels and grains and hops and yeast strains and malt in various forms. 

The gift is a win, and so was the little blow off lunch that went with it. 

Update: July 16th. 
I really enjoyed Thursday.  Even in my condition.
I think you have a perfect place.  Lunch was just what I needed.
Your vision on getting the CO-BREW gift certificate for me is perfect.
Since they are booked next week, I am focusing on the week of 7/25, specifically Tuesday, 7/26.  I would just a soon be there without a crowd.
I really liked the crew at  CO-BREW and I look forward to the brew session.
I plan to call for an appointment next week.  I'm thinking about starting around 10-11 am.  Sound good to you?
Thanks again for your thoughtfulness and caring.

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