chicken fajita calzone

D.P. Dough, American Calzones, ordered through the Grub Hub menu here.

  • breaded chicken
  • black olives
  • onions,
  • jalapeños
  • hot sauce
  • cheddar
  • sour cream
Doesn't that sound good? Well, it is! 

Calzone is a pizza baked folded in half. I avoided them for decades to my own deprivation. D.P. Dough offers a nice variety and the outfit gets very high marks.

I called this order in at 12:30am and it was delivered by 1:00am.  And if the young man who delivered the meal this gorgeous summer early morning has a calzone a day where he works then put me on a straight calzone diet. 

Young people bringing me food in the dead of night. So eager, hard working, energetic and together and clean. They're trying. Their work is serious. Their work ethic is impressive and I keep hearing what flakes young people are and my every experience is contrary to everything that I read about them including the things they write themselves. God bless these gorgeous people and I mean it. I don't know who their detractors are around nor why they get such a bad rap but the people around here are industrious and straight shooting and serious and beautiful. Their enthusiasm is admirable and the grace and the respect they accord is returned with awe. 

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