spicy beef and jeera aloo

Curry, actually. For both things. A lot of it. Extended. They're both outrageous. You wouldn't like them especially together. It's too much, it would  blow your face off.

green chiles

* commercial curry (a bit yellow but not heavy on turmeric)
* paprika 
* Santa Fe chile powder mix
* cumin
* coriander seed ground
* garlic
* turmeric
* salt
* black pepper
* bacon fat

Ground beef
* habanero powder (very strong)
* Worcestershire sauce
* s/p
* finely diced jalapeño
* garlic

I was going to title this Meat and Potatoes because that's what it is. A snack POW what a snack.

You know what? That pound and a half of ground beef sure did go a long way. There is still one more hamburger left. That and the chunk of watermelon were both great. Even a bit smashed in my backpack. I bought a bigger backpack just for this. Haven't tried it yet.

The thing is, Tony's packages the beef in a plastic bag wrapped in butcher's paper. The entire bag can be flavored generously, wildly, not overboard with any one thing but still not compromising. Any of those curries that were given me as a set  require additional capsaicin heat. So, just squish it all there in the bag then pinch off a hamburger patty worth, still inside the bag form a little ball and smash it flat. Never even touching the meat. I liked the vegetable jalapeño mixed with the meat. It's better than cheese.

Since it is such a meager amount as soon as your mouth recovers you're going, "gimme more of that same stuff." It's intriguing that way.

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