sashimi, green salad, white rice, pickled ginger, shiso leaf

Shoyu sauce, thinned, wasabi paste. shredded daikon, you get a lot of things with sashimi and it's all wild and excellent, bitter, tart, sweet, various textures, mild to intense flavors, heat, but not capsaicin. 

Joe wrote with cc to people showing us he's having dinner at Seal Beach, bragging and showing off the fun time he's having. I traveled with this guy and few others decades ago and I could not get them into a Japanese Restaurant. I made a nuisance of myself trying.  Finally through persistence each day at the end, the last day, they relented and we had the best time ever. And now look at him showing off the fantastic dishes he orders. He's advanced to sashimi from beginner's sushi. 

This is Joe's dinner from Seal Beach, not mine. Man, am I jealous. It looks so delicious and creative and fantastic. 

I already had dinner. But I'm hungry again as usual. I've been ordering through GrubHub and saw various sushi places available within a mile and open late enough. Each day I thought of having sashimi but passed for something more substantial. But seeing Joe's dinner forced me to order sashimi immediately. No more delay. I couldn't stand it. 

This is my dinner ordered from Taki Sushi through GrubHub. They got here in ten minutes. It is the sort of prepared package you see at the grocery store. It's how they get here so fast.

Not so beautiful as Joe's at Seal Beach but mine was brought to me, less expensive, and hit the spot perfectly. This meal is perfect. 

(A plastic decorative greenery is showing, the real shiso leaf is under the tuna. It's bitter and it goes with tuna and with white shredded daikon radish very well. ) 

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