roasted pepper pizza

The sauce is made from water and dried chiles, the kind that are tied into decorative ristras and two other kinds too that would not be attractive strung up that way. 

A few dry chiles of each is broken open over the sink and the seeds poured out, and the stem broken off. The pieces of dry flesh are boiled awhile until they soften. I'm aiming for about a cup of sauce so I'm boiling two cups of water. 

The softened chile skins and water are processed to thick goop and forced through a strainer for a smooth mixture that looks like catsup. It is taste-tested and adjusted with the usual things, vinegar and sugar to impart sweet and sour if necessary, salt, pepper, what have you. 

Obviously each time I make it the flavor is different. This time some chile negros and few dry smoked poblano are included with the hotter red stringable ristra types. 

This pizza also has my own roasted poblano on top of that. Those things were frozen earlier. 

The cheese is a mixture, mozzarella and parmesan. 

There is heavy cornmeal on both sides of the dough as learned from the Denver Pizza Co delivery. 

I remembered, it's not proofed like bread, it's rolled out and smeared up and baked without rising. Mine did rise in the mixing bowl and pulled by quarters its corners stretched and folded over patty cake style and with all that handling it never did fully deflate. The heavily folded but only partially deflated dough was stretched out as it relaxed over cornmeal, turned over and covered with more cornmeal as it stretches then smeared up loaded up and baked. It turned out very good. 

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