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We were started in a gourmet kitchen. By gourmet chefs. They didn’t know fast food, so we’re less burger joint, more five-star restaurant. Meaning, there are no shortcuts. Or microwaves, freezers, or heat lamps for that matter. 
We cut. We chop. We mix, instead.
Well look at you.

A 5-star restaurant would have white tablecloths, substantial hefty serviceware, comfortable seating and there would not be two gigantic ice soda drink dispensers dominating the visual field. And food would be served on plates not in paper baskets. But let's not have any of that interfere with this idealization.
Our beef is purveyed from the best, most natural ranches on earth. Where cattle roam free. Eat grass. Breathe mountain air. And, are treated humanely. This doesn’t come easy. Certainly not cheap. Truth is, there are simpler ways to put a burger on a bun. But, they’re not better. 
If you say so then it is so.
No hormones, no antibiotics, not now, not ever. 
We appreciate all that. We do. What about steroids? What about branding? What about tagging their ears? Castrating bulls into steers? What about genetically modified corn and feed? How are pathogens managed? Do they put a ring in their nose to lead them around to their massage sessions and their beer drinking sessions like the insanely coddled Kobi Wagyu?  Still, the ring. Do you jab a ring through their nose?

Fries are hand cut.

It is a very good hamburger. 

I bought a malted milkshake and Chicago style hot dog to bring home.

Ha! These photos were just now "favorited" on Flicker before I finished this post. They notify by email when somebody does. 

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