jumbo eggs with cheese, thick cut applewood bacon

But no bread, and anything would be great; biscuit, dinner roll, naan, fried bread, batter bread, tortilla, pita, hotdog roll, kaiser, slice of loaf bread, native American bread, English muffin, scone, soda bread, cracker, banana bread, zucchini bread, cinnamon roll, anything would work for bread, I could do any of that, but none of that now. 

And no potato.

And no coffee. 

That's just the way things happen around here when I do it. 

The tomatoes were wrinkly and gone. Usually I'd throw them away. They sit on the counter and if not used in a few day they dry out and nothing can be done except eat them or toss them. Tomatoes are said to not take to refrigeration. These were soaked in water to rehydrate and vacuum packed to squeeze them like little sponges intensifying their urge to squeeze out even more water, then soaked for awhile until pressure evens out between tomato membrane then released so they expand as marshmallows do in vacuum packed jars. It worked. Even refrigerated the tomatoes were restored. It's a nice trick.

The cheese is fried directly on the pan.

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Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

I did something similar with jumbo eggs, some decent but several days old salsa (it had cumin and cilantro in it), a pinch of sumac and a pinch of smoked paprika. Put the eggs in a pan, spooned in the salsa (leaving the yokes exposed), put the spices over the salsa, simmered until the egg whites were solid but the yokes still half runny. Sprinkled cheese over the top during the process, which got melted.

It was like an Israeli Shakshuka with a slight Mexican slant.

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