test hamburger, brioche buns

Hamburger slider is plan B for tomorrow. The original idea is order pizza from Pizza Co. Denver. I very may well stick with that.

I've invited a friend to lunch tomorrow as ruse. An old friend, longest friend that I know. He is a difficult personality. His birthday is in a few days so this is total fake out for that. The real plan is present him with gift certificate to Co-Brew located downstairs for their 10 gallon offering of ale brewing lessons. He has no interest in brewing his own ale. No interest in having lessons. No real interest in ale over lager. The whole project can end up being a bust. 

This hamburger is not bad but not so good as available from Burger Fi, also downstairs. That would be easier and better. I might make milkshakes that I like so well. Maybe we'll have milkshakes and pizza. I don't know yet. 

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