Denver Pizza Co.

This place is three short city blocks west. 

I must say their menu is a bit odd. It's thematic. The pizzas are named after Colorado places, except for one outlier, and their ingredients are not completely traditional but not terribly challenging. My pizza is ordinary pepperoni and cheese with jalapeño and it is very good. Recommended.

So I study this pizza and ask myself what makes their pizza so much better than my loser pizza and the thing that stands out is their top crust is textured with cornmeal like the bottoms usually are. And they don't mess around. The jalapeños are hot, and they roast in the pizza oven and that changes their flavor. I'm pleased with this choice. 

The young man who delivered did not use the callbox, just knocked on my apartment door. Twice as fast as the online order said. Turns out he lives here. It's one reason why he got here so fast. 

Now, without asking right off I concluded this job at the pizza place would be a second job, supplemental income because a job such as that will not support an apartment like this on its own. 

He told me he's moving, that he's unhappy with management. (Management here are my friends) They nicked him $500.00 for smoking cigarettes on his own balcony. I can understand why he's decided to move.

Oh! I forgot to mention. Denver celebrated Independence and a lot of people showed up just a few blocks north. The civic groups provide a nice day. Here are 280 photos of that in a Flickr album if you care to see.

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