Brussels sprouts and bacon salad

These bacon bits are awesome. They're like pork jerky.

Looks burnt, huh? 

It is! 

Is it even legal to put tofu with bacon? Maybe I just now broke the law. 

The thing is, I was really craving tofu. Can you believe that happens? 

This is sweet and sour. It has honey and vinegar in it. And it has sake flavor that when it was liquid the sake lifted off all the sugary burned bits on the pan. And it is hot with jalapeño in two forms, fresh diced and charred in the pan and chipotle that came on the bacon, which wasn't enough, so with more chipotle powder added that also charred in the pan. Chipotle is smoked-dried jalapeño. So it has charred flavor permeating throughout. All of the bacon fat stayed in the pan.

There is hardly a trace of Brussels sprouts flavor remaining. And my goodness is this ever good. 


But not recommended. Everyone will think that you just burned the food and that mental barrier won't allow them to enjoy it. So this treasure must remain our little secret. Or maybe don't char it so much as I did.

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