corn on the cob with miso paste (replacing butter and salt)

There I was walking along when a sudden urge developed for corn on the cob simmered gently for five minutes weighted down with meat pounder and smeared with miso instead of butter and salt.

Is that weird or what?

So I did. And it tastes exactly as imagined and it looks exactly as visualized and the miso is just the pain in the butt that I knew it would be.

The threads are silk from the corn and could have sworn that picked all that off.

This miso is top quality from South River Miso. It's been in the refrigerator for over a year and it doesn't look a day older than when I bought it and it hasn't aged a bit. 

I imagine all miso will do. One needn't go crazy for miso handmade the old fashioned way with people stomping around piles of it spread across the floor while wearing their special cotton socks.

Talk about weird.

But there you go. 

That's what they do.

Check it out if you like on YouTube, South River is happy to show what they get up to.

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