cornflakes with blueberries

A while ago, I'd say about a year, I became so ill that I couldn't leave the house. And that was a complete bummer because I had just made an expensive version of bouillabaisse using a rather large whole red snapper and right in the middle of the project I couldn't tolerate the smell of fish. The whole thing was discarded and that took a great deal of effort being so ill. And I was low on basic groceries besides. For several days I dreamed and yearned for a simple bowl of cereal with milk.

Finally after days of pondering how I would manage, I ordered groceries to be delivered and that's a separate story right there. A handsome and strapping athletic young man suddenly appeared at the door without ever ringing to be buzzed in. Just showed up, boink, there he was surrounded with grocery bags. He carried them all up at once, brought them inside, and that was something I never could have done even when I was his age and at my most robust. I was deeply impressed with his ability and with his work practices.

But they substituted organic milk drawn from grass-fed cows for regular milk that I ordered, and they also substituted the cheapest cornflakes for the brand that I ordered. I tried not to care about that. But it turned out that the two together were the most delicious cereal and milk that I've ever eaten. Ever! I ate bowl after bowl after bowl in a cereal and milk graze craze. Maybe it tasted so great because I was sick and because I was thinking about not having both things around for days. I don't know. But ever since then I love these two thing with inordinate affection. I don't even look at any other cereal anymore. And they still taste perfect to me.

This was dinner.

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