Zep's bold chicken sandwich, apple and jalapeño cole slaw

The cole slaw is bolder than the sandwich, this time with large chunks of carelessly cut jalapeño. And a hot biting batch of jalapeño too. The bread is regular white bread in the shape of a small baguette, styled after the Vietnamese bread but not the real deal. But what do I know? I've never been to Viet Nam.

Here is a photo from Wikipedia of the Vietnamese French bread that this sandwich from Zep's gets its name. 

Now, when the sandwich is named for its bread that puts the bread forefront ingredient then cop out and use regular white bread in the general size and shape. It's a matter of availability. Zep's is drawing on exotic inspiration for its name while the actual ingredients are local. 

Incidentally, a Flickr member favorited the photo of this sandwich before I was done writing this post. It's a bit spooky.

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