enhanced watermelon


You know how great blue cheese dressing is as side to fruit and vegetables, because its flavor is so strong. This is the same thing except with very strong and flavorful cheddar cheese except without all that insane mold all over the place. 

The trick is to have the strong dressing on the side so that it doesn't touch all the watermelon. And only half the watermelon is salted. That way you can have the full range of flavor combinations from raw watermelon to fully flavored watermelon with each individual bite.  It's an extraordinary experience all the way through with each individual flavor discernible from beginning to end. 

If it were all blended then that would not be possible.

I could never get enough watermelon. Never. Not ever.

I was always left wanting. 

Yearning for more.

My whole life this went on.

Then one day I took matters into my own hands and ate an entire watermelon by myself in one day and the next day my pee turned to red the whole day and I was all, "AWESOME!"

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