delivery from Mt. Fuji Hibachi & Sushi

Via Android app Seamless.

Miso soup -- $2.00
Negihamachi roll -- $5.50 (this is yellow tail)
Tuna avocado roll -- $5.50
Tonkatsu dinner -- $13.00

The Tonkatsu dinner comes with salad, white rice, and miso soup. So 2 miso soups. 

Total -- 1 million dollars. Possibly $34.00 with tip. 

The best things about delivery besides being delivered are you don't have to make it and you don't have to do dishes, but mostly, you don't have to do dishes. 

Japanese restaurants make miso soup better than I do. You see, *strikes a thoughtful pose* there is a balance between kombu dashi and miso and they have the balance down and I don't. I must face the harsh facts. I've got a lot to learn.

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