waffle, blueberries, bacon and egg


And this is where my stomach signaled STOP! Just stop already, you pig.

Could I carry on anyway? Could I override my body's instruction? 

Yes, I can. I can do this.

This is why everyone out there is fat. 

This is an odd waffle. It has white flour, corn meal and whole wheat flour.

* An egg is dropped into the immersion blender cup.
* Milk is added. Too much actually. That was a mistake that affected everything else
* A few kernels of dry pozole corn kernels are processed to powder in the coffee bean mill.
* White flour is added by the tablespoonful but it's taking more than anticipated.
* Whole wheat flour is added by one heaping tablespoonful.
It's still not thick enough because I used so much milk. So more white flour is added.
* Salt, because all things like this must have salt or else they're just awful and naked.
* Sugar to make it more like dessert and to help browning.
* Cinnamon because it seemed like a good idea.
* Clove, barely a trace, to make the whole thing more mature.
* Vanilla because that goes into cakes and cupcakes and I like it.
* Baking powder to make the thing puff up inside the waffle iron and press against both sides.

If I wanted blueberries inside the waffles, or pancakes or anything for that matter, then I would roll them in flour so they stay suspended in the batter. But then they would break inside pressed against the waffled heating surfaces presenting a problem of cleaning and I don't want that. I'm lazy. I want cleaning to be easy as possible.

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