pork roast, cole slaw

I've never tasted pork roast this extraordinary.

And I mean it.

I finally got my pork roast act down.

Not my usual thing. I've overcooked these roasts every time I tried them and this time I made sure not to do that. Oven set high to 400℉ Set the timer for 8 minutes, flip it, then 7 more minutes, then outside the oven closed the foil around the baked roast for longer than necessary. It was room temperature by the time that I went back to it.

Before that the roast marinated for the whole afternoon, but it was still slightly frozen when started. 

Soy sauce was poured into a vacuum seal bag, then sugar to counter the soy sauce and aid browning, then rice vinegar, so sweet / sour once again, sake, and half a teaspoon thereabout of toasted sesame oil. That broad combination of sweet and sour and tart and bitter and saltiness from soy worked very well even without any herb nor any spices like the usual chile hotness that I like so much. 

The meat tasted sweet. Additional mineral-y salt at the table balanced everything so well that I couldn't believe what I just cooked. And it's so easy. And fast. 

I went back for more and ate half this whole roast.

The roasts were on sale two for one. So I have another whole roast to do this again. 

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