shrimp and pineapple salad.

Psych! It's really ceviche.

No it's not. Psyche again. It's really Mexican shrimp cocktail.

No it's not. You wouldn't eat that. Psych all over the place. I don't know what this is. I haven't named it yet. All that I know is that I cannot keep off of this stuff and that's why I made a gigantic bowl of it all for myself.

I eat it like a cartoon, rolling two spoonfuls into my mouth like mechanical wheels, my eyes popped out and my tongue flapping freely, breakfast, lunch dinner, breakfast, lunch dinner, breakfastlunchdinner, breakfastlunchdinner, breakfastlunchdinner until boom it is gone.

Then I am sad because it is gone.

Let's go.

Yellow tomatoes this time because these are the sweetest available right now at the store that I went to.

This is a pound and a quarter of shrimp with half a pound of sole cooking cold in lime juice and water.

Now acidic pineapple juice adds to the lime.

A good deal of shrimp flavor is in their shells. That flavor is extracted by boiling in water for ten minutes or so.

This is the is shrimp-flavored water extracted from their shells. And in this case this is why it's better to buy shrimp with shells still on or else you will pass this chance.

Green chiles are better when blistered. They just are. Because green means they're not quite ripe. If you planted their seeds they won't grow because they're not fully developed.

These are the vegetable portion diced and prepared the next day. The shrimp and sole are cooking in the refrigerator. 

Ingredients are chopped to small pieces so that I can use this different ways, dip with chips, sauce for omelet and so forth.  You can do the same thing with larger pieces and without so much liquid.

It's not the most beautiful sight in the world but it is one of the most flavorful things you can eat. Healthy besides. And its unsightliness is corrected by presentation. But I don't bother with that. Because I am not sharing. This is mine.

Mine, mine, mine, all mine.

And I used the largest bowl that I own.

I'll have it with avocado. But that cannot be added to this now because it will turn too quickly. So those come one at a time.

You should make this. It's awesome.



Annie C said...

I always wonder with cold salads like this (or tuna, pasts, potato salads) whether I should salt it when i make it, or if the salt will draw too much liquid out. So I salt at serving and it just never tastes right.

Chip Ahoy said...

Yeah, you're right.

This one is salted ahead because so much liquid is added. I have the same thought with vinegar because it wilts vegetables and it prevents the surface of beans from cooking to softness.

Annie C said...

Oh crap quick Chip, I need help.

Leaving for the arkansas river around salida and conejos and other streams, and want to grab a starter.

I am going to take a ziploc bag and open it outise whatever cabin we are in at the time all day while we are fishing. Properly weighted and stable.

What should I prime the bag with to catch the spores?

Sorry to be so cryptic, typing on my phone between errands. I hope you get the idea.

Chip Ahoy said...

Flour and water, that's all, mixed to pancake batter consistency. About a cup total.

Remember, your flour already has organisms in it. Your new ones must be sufficient to overtake them.

Windy days are best. Rain is very good.

If it dries then just add more water. Good luck.

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