banana cookies

banana cookies plated

banana cookies flour being mixed in

banana cookies being mixed

banana cookies raw

banana cookies baked

Once I told my friends I was in the habit of buying two bananas because it always seemed like a good idea and at the moment of shopping I always did imagine that's how many I'd eat by the next time shopping. Then back home, I always gleefully included the first banana with my frosted corn flakes, but never ever ever EVER get around to the second banana which inevitably turned black and got tossed. So finally I learned to beat the system. Now I buy two bananas, unpack the groceries and throw away one of the bananas. Solved. They cracked up. My friends. So easily amused.

I do not understand why they're so cheap, but I am getting a little bit tired of sending squishy black bananas down the disposer. So I figur'd, since you can make bread from bananas, along the same lines, why not banana cookies?

Internet search: [+"banana cookies"] = 8,880,000 results.

Appears a few other people had this same idea.

The recipe I looked at didn't have vanilla. Can you believe that? NO VANILLA !!!! Well, that's just ridiculous. It also has 1/2 teaspoon clove powder. That's ridiculous too. Plus 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg. Ridiculous! It's clear this grandma doesn't understand spices, or she's just being ridiculous. Don't you think 1/2, 1/2, 1/2, is just a little bit too arbitrary when it comes to spices? Com'on Grandma, get with the program.

I adjusted the spices. As always. Added vanilla to my hearts content. Backed off from the nutmeg and the clove (too overwhelming). Added powdered ginger, because Iiiiiiiieye LIKEIT !

Nana Cookies ← See what I did there? Dun made a pun on Grandma+banana. This is somebody's grandmother's recipe, not mine.

Set oven at 350℉

* 1/2 Cup butter
* 1 Cup sugar (I used 50% / 50% brown sugar / raw sugar)
↑ cream that by whiping

* 1 egg (the egg I used was produced by some gigantic megaornithiform I think that might have thrown things off a little bit so I stiffened my dough with a few tablespoons extra flour which would also tend to dull the flavor, thus I upped the ginger which this recipe does not call for.)
↑ Goezinta that cream up mixture and also gets creamed.

* I changed the beater thingies from wires whippers to plastic mixers on account'a it seemed like a good idea.

* 1 Cup tired, worn out, dilapidated, blackened, squishy bananas
* 1 teaspoon baking soda
↑ wait 2 minutes for the baking soda to activate then goezinta creamed butter/sugar/egg mixture

* 2 Cups flour
* pinch of Himalayan sea salt from the highest reaches of Tibet. I keed, I keed.
* 1/2 tsp. cinnamon
* 1/2 tsp. mace or nutmeg
* 1/2 tsp. clove powder
↑ Sift separately, then goezinta the wupped up mix

* 1 Cup of pecans (substitute walnuts or chocolate chips, whatev )
↑ Goezinta the total mixture by folding

I chilled my mixture on account'a the butter. My mixing bowl sits atop some gears and tends to get warm when left to run. I feared the butter might'a melted. Great for bread, but for cookie dough, eh, not so much.

Spoon onto baking sheet + parchment paper, smash down a little bit with your fingers, unless you like 'em to be like little turtles. Tray goezinta the oven. Bake 11--13 minutes.

Dropped by the teaspoon, this produces 36 - 40 cookies depending on how full you scoop with the teaspoon. This is all very highly fungible.


jaed said...

How were they?

All my banana cookie attempts seem to turn out gooey. Now banana *cake*, that's perfection. But my cookies...

Chip Ahoy said...

Scrumpdilicious. I recommend them.

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