egg and spinach breakfast

eggs with spinach breakfast

Behold the beginning of a fresh reawakening, a bold new approach to breakfast I'm confident will soon sweep the nation. Please allow me to introduce the New American Breakfast in which the key component is the inclusion of vegetable slow carbohydrate. Preferably fresh, this time frozen, eh, one makes allowances where one must. The point is there are none of the customary fast carbohydrates that somehow wedged their positions onto the standardized American breakfast panoply and repeated by habit through laziness and probably just being sleepy, and by their ossified habituation have wrecked such regrettable havoc. Eventually we shall look back at this moment and term this reawakening Breakfast Renaissance.

First, let's slay the old.

Huck ptewie! I spit on your menus. I crumple them with my mighty menu-crushing hands and bat them like a whiffle ball, a short distance of course because whiffle balls do not go very far no matter how hard you hit them. I crush them under my boot like I'm squashing a bug or perhaps extinguishing a cigarette butt, a fag end if you like, no wait, wait, wait, more like setting a tent post, that's what I do. At any rate, it's over between us.

The alternative presented is actually quite delicious. Imagine the possibilities once you peek over the rut cut by others before you who apparently knew less than you do, and see to the ends of horizon.

Let me put this to you again as graphically as it must be put to implant a lasting picture in your mind sufficient to induce a pleasant and satisfying change of view. As cattle are led to the feedstocks through curved corrals designed not to alarm them, pulled by curiosity as much as urged by handlers, there to fatten before being led through those same curved and padded un-alarming passages on through to the abattoir, so too are you led to the breakfast table appealingly piled with those same grains.

That's not to traduce grains, mind you, it's just that they figure far too heavily on American breakfast menus and it shows. I blame this largely on that original food pyramid produced by the US government and lobbied by interested parties, which if taken to heart would have you resembling a pyramid yourself balancing on spindly chicken legs, and that's what has happened.


Now for the fun part.
* the turkey, of course, was held over from the previous post on roasting turkey and chicken. Incidentally, I've been munching this frozen right out of the freezer as the impulse strikes me. As a snack, I figure it's probably pretty good. Beats cookies.
* the spinach was in the freezer so I used it. But it was there because I put it there so I must have sensed this was coming.
* I saw the little can of diced japaleños and thought, "why not?"
* pecans, what I was going for when I noticed the jalapeños.
* compound butter. When I run out of this I'm going to hasten to make another batch. I'll just buy some fresh herbs and devote a whole pound. I love this stuff so much, and it is kind of fun squishing it through your fingers. Invite the kids! Be sure to put plastic gloves on their filthy little mitts.
* two unfertilized embryos of gallus domesticus giganticus, Jabba the Coop, Hagar of the henhouse, the poule pondeuse that made these oeufs had to be énorme.

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