pork loins

pork loins plated

pork loins browning

pork loins pressure cooking

Three pan dinner :-(

I think it's pork loin. I didn't actually read the package.

Brown the pork loins for color and for Maillard, zat vundervul, zat bea-you-tea-vul Maillard, and for the fond, those tasty little burnt-on bits that release their grip on the pan and their flavor into a liquid when the pan is deglazed, in this case with white wine and milk. Although the loins are fine just like that and could be served immediately with no complaints, my preference is to soften them further so that even Nana can enjoy them without the trouble of having to find her teeth. So into the pressure cooker they go, if only for so briefly as to make you wonder why bother.

I tried something different. I saw the pot had not depressurized completely but I twisted the lid open anyway. Slow--ly, slow-ly hisssssssssss slow-ly POP! The lid pops off and the water inside is BOILING VIGOROUSLY!!!! See, pressure makes it harder to boil when it's released, it's suddenly easier. That was interesting. Had I gone fast it would be scalding water all over the place, mostly myself.

The third pot is for vegetables, first mushrooms browned in butter, then cut green beans along with orange bell pepper.

S/P, basil.

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