Swedish yellow split pea soup

yellow split pea soup, plated

The distinguishing feature of this soup is ginger and possibly turmeric. Man, does that turmeric ever stain things. I had to soak the blade to the Cuisinart in Clorox because the white cap that fits over the motor shaft turned yellow.

* a couple of ham hocks, shanks, whatever.
* pound of yellow split peas
* large onion
* carrot
* rib of celery
* grated ginger
* turmeric
* clove
* pepper
* salt (careful here because the ham is already probably salted)
* tablespoon brown sugar. This is an irregular ingredient, but I don't care, I like it.

I did things differently because I wanted to speed it up with a pressure cooker. I used the cooker in two sessions, first for the ham hocks (not pictured), and second for the rest of the ingredients. It speeded up the whole process of soaking the dry legumes by shoving the flavored liquid inside them. The vegetables were sweated in the same pot emptied after the ham hocks finished, then the water used to pressure cook the ham hocks was added back to flavor the yellow split peas along with the segments of fat, bones, and additional water. The legume/vegetable mixture was processed to 100% smoothness in batches and finally pieces of ham hock added back.

I resisted adding a curry mix, figuring I could do that later with leftovers if I cared to, and knowing myself I probably will want to continuously adjust to include various chile pepper powders to increasing degrees of ferocity. Also, I can mix the surplus remnant butternut squash soup along with the remainder of the chicken pot pie filling that also includes butternut squash and roasted chicken for something that because of the circumstance simply could not be duplicated even if I tried.

ham hock for yellow split pea soup

yellow split peas begin soaking

yellow split peas begin soaked

vegetable ingredients for yellow split pea soup

vegetable ingredients boiling for yellow split pea soup

closed pressure cooker for yellow split pea soup

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